Freecom Traveller USB Driver for Mac OS X

by Bernd Heller

This is a Mac OS X driver for the Freecom Traveller CD writer with USB interface. Freecom regrettably doesn't provide an OS X driver for this product, but recommends instead to buy the USB 2 or FireWire interface cable. This driver is the solution, it supports the Finder, iTunes and of course Toast Titanium with the older USB interface cable.


This driver was developed within a couple of days, and was a good distraction during the time between two tests at uni ;-)
It began its life as a port of the Freecom driver from the Linux USB project, but has evolved quite a bit by now. It is open source software, released under the GPL (GNU Public License).

IMPORTANT: Project discontinued. Help wanted!

My Freecom Traveller driver has died meanwhile and I really didn't want to have another one. The result is that this project is now discontinued by me. If you are a programmer or happen to know one, and are interested in taking over this project and to maintain it or bring it further ahead, please contact me. You will get full access to the sourceforge project and everything else you need.

Compatible Devices

Apparently the driver supports more CD writers than I expected during development. These are the devices I was told are working with the driver:


This project's homepage at is
You will find there discussion forums, the bug tracking system, the feature and support request tracking system, and last but not least the CVS repository for this project.

Bug Reports

This is BETA software, so it may contain bugs. As it is a kernel extension (kext), a bug might even cause a kernel panic, although it is unlikely due to testing. If you find any bugs, please file them at the bug tracker. Should you really experience a kernel panic, write down ALL the numbers and information on the screen or I can't do anything about it. It is vital to get the full information, not only parts of it.


I really appreciate the feedback that I get from all of you. Regrettably I'm not able to answer all emails, so please know that I thank you for it even if I don't reply. There have also been some support requests that I didn't reply to. I'm sorry for this, but support is THE most time consuming part of software development and I can't always bring up the time needed for it. In the first place I developed the driver for my own personal use, and thought it might be useful to others as well. However, this does not mean that you'll get the support like from a big company. This is mostly use-it-if-it-works-software.
Mind you, it is open source, so if you want to continue develpoment or just volunteer for doing support for others, you are most welcome. I'll be happy to let others join the project.


I have only tested this driver with Mac OS X 10.1.3, so this will be the minimum requirement until I hear of other working system configurations.


Download the driver below, double click on the dmg-file that you got to mount the disk image (or open it with Disk Copy), double click the package file and follow the instructions of the installer application. You need administrator privileges and have to restart your Mac after the installation.


Download FreecomTravellerUSBDriver-1.0.1.dmg (152 kB)
Download FreecomTravellerUSBDriverSources-1.0.1.tar.gz (16 kB)


You can also contact me by email: Logo

Last updated: Jul 7, 2002 by Bernd Heller